Racking, Stacking,
Picking, Towing.

Streamline and speed material handling
workflows to reduce cost of operations.

autoguide amrs

Where They Work and What They Do

You’ll find AutoGuide Mobile Robots automating a variety of tasks in industrial facilities across industries. For operations managers, the trick is to identify automation opportunities that will improve key operations in a defined way—making them faster, safer, less expensive, or higher quality—and deliver a hefty return.

AutoGuide can help you discover the best jobs for AMRs in your facility and create a custom automation roadmap.


Streamline Your Production Chain

  • Schedule consistent delivery of raw materials to lineside
  • Automate material movement station-to-station
  • Leave heavy lifting to robots
  • Create custom conveyor trailers to transport goods
  • Decrease material damage
  • Implement around-the-clock production capabilities
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Warehousing and Distribution

Speed Key Workflows

  • Long-distance tugging
  • Racking and efficient use of space
  • Automated case and pallet picking
  • Faster stock to dock and back again
  • Just-in-time inventory management
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High-Impact Applications Deliver Results

Industry leaders are using AutoGuide AMRs to automate key workflows
in some of the biggest faciliites in the world.