R&D Demo Center

Come see our AMRs in action to learn more about how
they can streamline your operations.

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Visualize Autonomous Operations at
Your Facility

Our research, development, and demonstration center in Chelmsford, Massachusetts is a great place to see AutoGuide AMRs up close and learn more about how they can streamline your daily operations and improve your bottom line.

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AMRs in action

See Each Piece of the AutoGuide
Autonomous System

Watch how our MAX-N Tugger and Pallet Movers work to automate specific tasks from long-haul tows to assisted picking and lineside delivery. See how easy it is use SurePath fleet control software to create projects and monitor a whole fleet of AMRs.


Our multi-tasking base AMR maneuvers in tight spaces and detects obstacles. See how it’s designed to safely share floor space with your employees. Get a demo of the artificial intelligence capabilities that allow our AMRs to learn to do more and more at your facility, including complex trailer-unloading tasks.

High-payload Adapters
Watch as we transform a single base AMR from a pallet stacker to a tugger. Get a close-up look at the rugged construction and thoughtful design of our complete array of load-bearing adapters.

SurePath Fleet Control Software
Watch how SurePath makes dispatch decisions, creates new travel paths in real time if traffic jams happen, and guides AMRs to charge at strategic times to maximum machine availability. See how easy it is to track and monitor a full fleet of AMRs on the user-friendly graphical interface.

Map Out Your Facility

Build an Autonomous Simulation for Your Facility

If you have a CAD drawing of your facility, bring it along so we 
can start to discuss how a fleet of AMRs might automate your operations.

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